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mountain bike instruction


Downhillers tired of arm pump? XC riders tired of jumpy bars on steep uphill and rock gardens? I don't know what you are talking about really, because I run a steering dampener! check out the newest HOPI dampener - Hopi Gravity - here!



Set up your brakes properly so you can use them efficiently and effectively! Check out this sweet SRAM link 

Urban mtb race in Chile- Crazy! check it out...


Why get instruction with Rae?

 Would you like to improve your bike handling and skills so you can have more fun on a bike, or just gain confidence in getting out on the trails? Rae is certified through IMBA's Instructor Certification Program (ICP)and wants to help you to build your skills with the proper technique.  General instruction is geared toward beginner through intermediate riders (men and women of all ages) and advanced instruction can be tailored for more experienced riders. 


"Rae observed my riding style and gave instruction geared specifically to improve my mountain biking skills.  I use her tips every time I ride! " ~ Anna Starr


Rae's Crude-entrails (credentials)

Rae has been racing and riding mountain bikes for 15 years including cross-country and endurance events (such as La Ruta de los Conquistadores & podium finishes in the Wilderness 101, Wild 100 & Mohican 100). She currently races pro women's downhill nationally, with a top 5 ranking from 2012-2014. Rae came second overall in the 2014 Pro Gravity Racing Tour series and competed in the North American World Cups.  Rae began officially coaching after receiving certification from World Champion Downhiller Shaums March in spring of 2010. Outside of racing, rae enjoys dirt jumping and local XC riding.  

Rae's interview with Aaron Newman (Ohio Downhill)

IMIC certificate- now IMBA's ICP (Instructor Certification Program)



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