Mountain Bike Instruction with Rae Gandolf

mountain bike instruction

Cost for XC trail lessons

Private one on one local lessons (Dillon State Park and McGraw Park) are $40.00 per hour.  Groups of 2 to 8 people can be arranged for $50.00 hr.

Lessons can be arranged at additional locations. Please inquire, there might be a an added fee.

Reduced rates available for clinic events. (See clinic page or please inquire if none are posted).

***10% discount to anyone who is a member of their local bike club (excludes special clinic events).


Cost and Format for Ray's MTB Park Lesson

These lessons will be tailored to your needs and interests from position and balance to riding skinnies, safely bailing from obstacles, riding the pumptrack, hill climbing,'s endless! I recommend one to two hour lessons at Ray's.

The cost is $40.00/ hr for one on one lessons and $50.00 an hour person for groups of 2-6.

DH Lessons

Availability depends on location.  $45/hr for one person, $55/hr for groups. Please inquire if interested. I will tailor the lesson to your interests!

Format for lessons

Suggested lesson time for newcomers is 2-4 hrs for XC, 1-2 hrs for Ray's. 3 hrs goes by very quickly with 2 students! I spend a little time looking over your bike and making fitting suggestions, then we review techniques, positions and skills based on your level and interest. These skill drills take place on open areas. Last but not least, we get out on the trail a little to put the new skills into use.

Typical lesson venues include Dillon State Park MTB Trails and McGraw Park MTB Trail.


Rae's recent IMBA ICP Level 3 instructor certification course in Boulder, CO!

Rae is now an Instructor Trainer for IMBA, working to certify riders as level 1 & 2 instructors around the country.


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